The Hornworm’s Worst Nightmare


Wasp Larvae on a Tomato Hornworm, photo by CGIOS

Bet you don’t wish you were a tomato hornworm. Sometimes it’s hard not to be jealous of the creatures around us and their unique talents and tastes. I particularly envy swallows for their soft, repetitive flights and cats for their innate sense of play.

I would envy the hornworm for feasting on one of the garden’s most delectable summer treats: the tomato.

But then I witnessed the start of this hornworm’s cruel demise. See those little white tic tacs on its body in the photo? They are wasp larvae exercizing their right to the life cycle.

If you find a hornworm covered in larvae, leave it be. It will not harm your plant under the extreme duress of being eaten alive.

Let nature take its course and be grateful you’re human.