Psst. I’ll show you my to do list if you show me yours.


Photo by CGIOS

Okay, I will show you mine anyways.

You know you’re a to do list addict if you have multiple to do lists reminding you to check your to do lists. Often, the items on those to do lists are repeated on other lists in order to remind yourself just how badly you want to/need to do them.

My current “for fun”  to do list looks like this:

1. Go fly fishing.

2. Learn to windsurf.

3. Sail a boat.

4. Spend two weeks in Spain.

5. Make a successful batch of ice cream.

6. Eat an Astro doughnut. (I get the satisfaction of crossing this one off the list on Friday when I treat myself for saving money and keeping 10 paper cups and 10 plastic lids out of the landfills this week by avoiding all coffee shop purchases.)

Why do we write these lists? For me, it’s a chance to daydream and brainstorm. If I write down what I want to do and hang the list somewhere visible daily, the items stay fresh in my mind. I’m less likely to let the every day mental clutter cloud over and eventually disappear the list. I keep organized by separating my to do lists into different categories: career goals, for fun, volunteering, birthday presents, likes/dislikes/allergies of friends, groceries, and chores. And finally, there is that sense of accomplishment when I get to take a thick Sharpie and cross something off, even better if the experience ends up being something worth writing or daydreaming about afterwards.

As I knock items off this “for fun” list, I will share any insights, revelations, or observations made. Well, maybe I won’t be sharing the Astro doughnut. That will be just for me. After all I’m not sure there is anything all that profound about a ridiculously priced fistful of empty calories, but feel free to prove me wrong.

What’s on your to do list?