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stacieberrylustWelcome! One of the main reasons I live in a city is because there is so much to do in my favorite place: outside. Seems a bit counterintuitive to move to a city to indulge in the great outdoors, but it really isn’t.

I grew up in a Maryland suburb and enjoyed my childhood of playing in woods, rivers, and salt marshes. I moved to the “big city” of Washington, D.C. for grad school and stayed.

D.C. is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts to grow roots. Public transportation is fairly easy to use and the city is walkable. For those of us that like to cook, abundant farmers markets bring the countryside to our tables. Festivals draw people to new neighborhoods. Flying kites on the mall and biking on city trails make summer evenings feel like real holidays. I’ve even seen people cross-country skiing on snowy D.C. streets. I’m constantly amazed by the menagerie of birds, bats, and bugs in my backyard. And when you get tired of being in the city, there are hundreds of places to escape to nearby.

2013-03-30 03.25.17

Kite Festival on the Mall

Yes, the normal frustrations of city living abound, but this city’s beauty–both in nature and people–is not hidden too far beneath the stereotypical buttoned-up political facade. You just have to want to see it.

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